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Learning disabilities testing, academic therapy, & tutoring

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Child Mind Northwest is an independent neuroeducational evaluation and educational therapy practice dedicated to transforming the lives of children struggling with learning difficulties.  We strive to provide the children and families we serve with the highest standards of care, compassion, and advocacy.  We utilize an educational neuropsychological approach, whereby we evaluate and treat the student as a physiological being with multiple and interrelated systems.  However, unlike clinics that only evaluate within the medical model framework, we provide a report and explanation of the student's needs to include the educational model framework and special educational eligibility.  

"I want to thank you for all of your help.  We finally have a much better understanding of Joey's difficulties with school.  I hope you continue with your vocation as your kindness and skill are needed."

​-Homeschooling mother



​Most insurance companies do not reimburse for learning disabilities evaluations, unfortunately.  Our clinic does not bill insurance and there are several important reasons why paying out of pocket may be a good choice for your family, such as preventing the record of a pre-existing illness and keeping diagnosis private from employers.  Our fees are significantly less than other equally qualified providers who bill insurance and we do not have the waiting lists those offices typically have for new patient appointments.  Lastly, the cost of your evaluation is spread over several visits. In addition to credit and debit cards, we accept payment using your FSA or HSA card.

Evaluation Options

Single Area Evaluation - Although not best practice, because so often a student will have multiple areas of need, we offer a single area of evaluation (one area: reading OR math OR writing) for families who are not able to afford a comprehensive evaluation.  This provides assessment in basic cognitive/processing and academics in order to determine if there is a learning disability in the one area.  A report is provided with recommendations and, if appropriate,  diagnoses and special education eligibility  This single area takes about 4-5 hours (including interview, testing, analysis, and report writing) and costs $550 ($100 deposit to secure appointment, $250 at first appointment, $200 at final appointment). 

Comprehensive Evaluation - A comprehensive neuroeducational evaluation provides for assessment in cognition and processing (to include memory, attention, visual-motor), language, reading, writing, and math, as well as needed social-emotional and executive functioning.  This evaluation will provide a report with recommendations and, if appropriate, diagnosis and special education eligibility or college/workplace accommodations.  This comprehensive evaluation takes 10-13 hours (including interviews, testing, analysis, records review, and report writing) and costs $1200 ($200 deposit to secure appointment, $500 at first appointment, and $500 at the results meeting).

Tutoring & Therapy Options

Dyslexia/Dysgraphia Therapy which includes Orton Gillingham tutoring, working memory rehabilitation, and social emotional support to decrease anxiety and promote coping- $55 per 45 minute session.  A minimum of two sessions per week is typical.

Dyscalculia Therapy which includes neurologically based math tutoring to improve quantitative reasoning skills, working memory rehabilitation, and social emotional support to decrease anxiety and promote coping- $55 per 45 minute session.  

ADHD / Executive Function Coaching that includes working memory rehabilitation, along with strategies that target forgetfulness, time management, decision making, organization, motivation, and meeting social expectations - $75 per 45 minute sessions.