Child Mind Northwest is a learning disabilities practice specializing in diagnostic and therapy services for children and adolescents.   Dr. Darlene Sousa is a certified school psychologist and neuropsychological educational psychologist. She is an expert in special education law, evaluating learning disabilities such as dyslexia and dysgraphia, and the wholistic treatment of learning disabilities through the support of not only academic skills remediation, but also self awareness, self esteem, emotional regulation, and working memory. She has presented internationally and helped established dyslexia clinics overseas.  She has served as faculty at several universities and has published research on effective progress monitoring of interventions. ​ 

Dr. Sousa not only provides you with 20 years of international expertise in the field of learning disabilities, but also with the compassionate understanding that can only come from having the experience of raising a child with learning differences. 

We have a small team of staff focused on supporting learning disabilities, with a diversity of backgrounds representing occupational therapy, behavior therapy, and special education.

Additionally, we have a mathematics tutor with a background in special education who can provide math tutoring for non-disabled students utilizing the highly regarded Singapore Math approach.

Director & Educational Psychologist

Learning disabilities testing, academic therapy, & tutoring

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